Although the academy have only just walked through the Ptarmigan office door, the student division are already working hard on a number of national and regional campaigns. Please see below the campaigns the ‘Ptarmy Army’ – dubbed by the academy’s biggest fan, Adam Burns – are currently working.


Challenge66 will see Andy McMenemy – the son of a former soldier – run 66 consecutive marathons, in 66 days, across 66 cities in the UK, all in the name of raising as much money as possible for ABF The Soliders’ Charity.

Andy’s epic journey will see him smash the current World Record for consecutive marathons which currently stands at 52, set by a Japanese runner.

The academy are currently working closely with Adam at Ptarmigan, Challenge66 and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity to raise as much money as possible for this excellent cause.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity provide lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. The Soldiers’ Charity provide financial assistance when they really need it, and have been doing so for 66 years.

Challenge66 will start in Leeds on Wednesday 16 March 2011, and will finish in York on Friday 20 May 2011.

NAAFI ’90 Year’s Serving the Services’


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